Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunshine for Free

Last Wednesday, I was on my way home from yet another interview. I was feeling frustrated and a little down.....

When I passed a small garden plot filled to the brim with bright yellow sunflowers. As I was admiring their sunny disposition, I spied a small sign at the corner of the garden~~

FREE flowers

pick your own

Well bless my soul! How did they know how much I could use a pick-me up right then. I came home with an arm full of happiness and I have smiled every time I have caught site of them radiating joy from the center of my old farm table. The sweet spirited gardener who freely gave away these beauties will never know how much their generosity has meant to me.

The bumble bees and I thank her/him from the bottom of our happy hearts. ~Rhonda

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bottle Babies

On Sunday evening, my neighbor Lindsey wander over. It seems that while they were away on vacation, some unscrupulous soul, had dumped out 5 kittens in their front yard. And as they unloaded the car, the very hungry little dears were one by one emerging from their Juniper bushes, crying mercilessly and begging to be cared for.

The problem is that the kittens are not weened, we figure them to be approximately 3 weeks old, and they could not eat the plate of milk that Lindsey offered them. In fact they were very weak and could not even walk steadily... possibly from their age and the fact that they were very dehydrated.

Now I ask you, WHO could do such a thing to this sweet little face?!!

Lindsey had no clue what to do for the babies and she knew that I had bottle raised Tigger, Lexi and Sadie so she and I struck up an arrangement..... I would care for them if she would find them homes.

I soooo got the best end of this arrangement:-)

Don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still here....

Fear not gentle readers... for the rumors of my demise due to a band of marauding copperheads seeking revenge for their fallen comrade, are widely exaggerated......
Actually, the majority of my time these days is consumed with the monotony of job hunting. Looking for a job, IS a full-time job and it is not going well. That is all I want to say about this topic.
We did spend a week at the beach. Anna Maria Island to be exact. It was pure bliss:-) My son and I voted to stay forever, but then reality reared its ugly head.... responsibilities and all that practical stuff.

My garden is doing well and I have been enjoying its bounty.... and working like a field hand trying to get ahead of the weeds that also enjoyed my time in Florida!

My bees have doubled or tripled in numbers.... or more. I am adding new frames and supers (levels) to accommodate there increase and the honey... oh the glorious honey!!!

And last but not least..... I am bottle raising 5 kittens, YEP, 5 kittens!

I'll tell you all about it and show you pictures tomorrow... as soon as I find my camera, it's MIA.