Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sunny "Hello"

A Sunny "Hello" to all!

A couple of weeks ago, Ann at Georgian Dream ask for some updated photos of the garden. Here is a little tour of what's happening now......

The potato plants are blooming and the onions are getting thicker and taller.

The peas are very prolific. I haven't cooked any yet....I pick them, shell them and eat them right there on the spot:) And the chickens love the empty pods!

This is the first year I have grown lettuce. It has surpassed my wildest dreams!

Wish you guys lived closer, we could have a salad bar luncheon!

The only negative is that it's gotten so hot that my Spinach is bolting....oh, well, I'll try again when it cools down in the Fall.

I found these little miniature petunias, they are called Sunburst. Quite cheery, huh?

I've still got a million and one things to do, but I've missed you guys!!