Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Farm Check

I took my camera along with me as I did my chores this morning...

Here is the new fence we put up around the garden. It is split cedar with wire behind it to keep out the little critters who like to peck, scratch and take dirt baths in my lettuce beds.
Our newest little chicks were out exploring their domain.

The yellow zucchini already have blooms on them:-)

Can you see the tiny little baby peach? I am soooo excited about my new peach tree!

The bees are buzzing about just as busy as ever.
Shhhhh... this is Pricilla our Mommy-to-be. It shouldn't be long now.

Lilly is enjoying her breakfast of fresh Spring grass.

Ms. Julietta wants to lay her egg with the big girl's.
Brutus is standing guard. "You haven't seen that hawk this morning have you?"

As I start to walk back to the house I notice Mama and her babes enjoying the warm sunshine. Can you see how the little black one has it's leg and wing all stretched out?

Hope your morning was just as adorable~Rhonda