Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year...
may it bring you health and happiness. ~Rhonda

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Comes to Town

It is a tradition that each year, on the first Sunday in December, our city's historic district welcomes the Christmas season by opening the doors to the magnificent antebellum houses and inviting all who would like, to come inside and see them all decked out for the holidays.

On many of the veranda and lawns you will find local school bands and choirs preforming mini-Christmas concerts.

This band was my personal favorite.  Of course there could be a wee bit of bias involved, since this is my own Dear Hubbie's Winter Ensemble;-)

Despite the below freezing temps with wind chills in the low 20's, they played beautifully!

The festivities included a parade of old cars with Santa leading the way in his makeshift sleigh.

After the concert I made my way along the street to take a peak at all of the lovely decorations.  At each open house there were ladies dressed in period costumes with fliers that told about each of the particular homes.  All were former residences which have now been converted over to businesses.

Unfortunately I was only able to photograph a few of the gorgeous Christmas displays because the intense cold killed my camera battery.

This group of carolers were members of a local church choir.   I think my flash may have startled them a bit.

And so dear friends, it is official, Christmas has come to my town. 

Does your town have a similar tradition? ~Rhonda