Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Gardener's Soul

Blooms are opening everywhere~periwinkle and violets.

In the garden....

The first potato plants have emerged.

The baby peas have poked there heads out of the ground.

There is a plentiful supply of Spinach sprouts.

And the lettuce bed is green enough to entice rabbits from miles around...hmmm, better work on getting that fence back up!
Just in case you are wondering...the lettuce plants are not from the seeds I planted, although they are starting to sprout and grow as well. I found some very health looking lettuce plants ~Red and Romaine~ at my local feed supply and I decided that these would do nicely to tide me over until my seeds were fully developed.
I love this time of year, the new growth that signals rebirth. Watching the earth awake from its slumber and renew its cycle. It reminds me of my place in it all: the spectator, the caretaker, the recipient of the most precious gift of all...LIFE. I am so grateful that I inherited my Grandfather's soul of a gardener. Even though the rewards of gardening are enough reason to love it, for me it runs so much deeper than just providing food. Its a connection with the world around me. Pardon the pun, but it keeps me grounded.
You didn't know you were going to have philosophy with your coffee this morning, did you? LOL!!
I hope you all get a chance to get outdoors and observe Nature's Springtime Show......It's FREE:)


Meggie said...

Amen! Well spoken, Rhonda! I, too, love gardening...makes me feel close to and part of nature.

Debbie said...

First time visiting your blog. I love the philosophy. It's so true.
Your garden looks great. It has been so wet where I live. I'm just getting the beds ready. I've had to start all over this year. I enjoy working with the plants, and all it involves. I'll visit again.

Ann said...

Hi Rhonda,
You are my honorary Amish friend with a blog!! I would love for the gardening bug to bite me. I put in my Johnnies and am still recovering--ha ha!.I was shopping with my real Amish neighbor, Ruth, and she was trying to talk me into buying lettuce plants--very unusual for them to push their ideas on others, but I still declined. Maybe she thinks I need to start a real garden too? I'd love a cutting garden for flower arrangements. Wouldn't a picket fence around a jungle of beautiful flowers be awesome?

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Rhonda! I was itching to plant flowers this past weekend but Hubby said maybe I should wait...good thing I did..we had another frost and a ton of rain...my poor yard...sigh.

Love everything sprouting at your house though!

Anonymous said...

I love the birth. Katy and I planted some seeds. Im like you I think we will have to visit the nursery. It is still chilly at night.Is that bothering your plants? I had to cover my flowers this week. Im ready for a tomato sandwich! yum yum.
For cleaner I love that old dark Lysol you add to water. It is strong,but the smell reminds me of the old days.
Have a blessed day!

Michelle said...

Great post! I bet your son loves to see the sprouts of new life. Thanks for sharing,


Sharon said...

Good morning! Nice post for this morning! I found you through Brenda's blog. You have a lovely blog and I will visit again. Come on over to my blog for a cup of coffee and a visit!

Hugs, Sharon

Counting Your Blessings said...

It's lovely here today. Still cold but the sun is out and so are the kids!! I'm starting to believe that Spring really is around the corner. =) Blessings... Polly

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Oh, I am sooo jealous! I meant to plant lettuce and peas a few weeks back and did not do it. I wont be able now to do it for a couple of weeks...to much going on. So, it will be like last year....a couple of sad peas and a weeks worth of lettuce - lol. I need to set time aside to garden, really!

Mary Isabella said...

We sang that song in a Spring play when I was in second grade some 40 plus years ago!!!

I am loving your beautiful header. It just says Spring....

bj said...

I love gardens....veggie gardens, flower gardens.....it is just a part of my past that I miss a lot. As a child, we always had a big veg. garden....strawberries, too. I miss those days.
hugs, bj

Meggie said...

Hey Rhonda: Stop by when you have a chance...I have an award for you.

BellaColle said...

oh gosh! I just love the wonderful 'peek' of new life sprouting!!
I think that is my most happiest time when I'm diggin' in the dirt...planting something... harvesting something..enjoying Gods wonderful creation.
Happy Sat. dear!!

Hope said...

Don't you just love the rebirth? I have a bad back so I can't do much gardening but I do love seeing all the wildflowers blooming and all of nature coming to life again.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


Tanya said...

Awww, I want to garden so bad! We still have a couple of feet of snow and a frozen ground :(

Love your blog!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

This week, after the snow is gone and the rains have ceased, I will plant arugula, baby lettuces, and peas. And pray the hens don't dig up all my hard work!

Mary said...

Oh Rhonda, thanks for sharing all your sprouts -- they make my heart sing! I have all flowers because the deer eat everything vegetable around here now, but your pics reminded me of my dad, who used to have a huge garden every year. Thanks so much for the sweet memory. :)

Esther Sunday said...

It's "bloomin'" lovely over here! Love, Esther

Mary Isabella said...

Came back to view the beautiful banner again and listen to this fun song....Mary

cityfarmer said...

What a fun little tour...yes things are finally struggling to pop up.

I've been a bad girl...not blogging too much, but will try to do better

Laura said...

First timer here, with an 1856 Farmhouse ;-). I love the philosophy!

Anonymous said...

Just starting to get out and do some work. Love yours.

Jen r. said...

I love your shots of everything poking thru the ground..I can't wait to plant here...neat blog!
Jen R

Di said...

OMG your garden looks so beautiful and weedfree. Is that mulch? I didn't know you could mulch in a garden. Sorta dumb I guess I don't see why you couldn't! LOL! I don't even have my TATERs in the ground yet. It is on this weekends schedule to get the Taters and onions and peas, spinach in the ground. Thanks for the inspiration! I was going to use straw. I have a friend that uses Alfalfa and then alfalfa can be tilled into your garden and adds lots of nitrogen and other good stuff.