Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Down...

Yesterday, Hubby's friend came over and cut the tree out of the chicken run.

Thanks, Mr. Jason!!!

Gratefully, both coops were spared:-))))

All that is left to do now is rebuild the run area.... Sounds simple enough, huh?

Take a deep breath, count my blessings ~including a big "Praise the Lord" for a generous prescription of Naproxen~ and start again.

Hope your next few days are not nearly as physically demanding as mine are going to be;-) Rhonda

1 comment:

BellaColle said...

Ohh girl! You've got ur hands full!! LOOOOONg time NOOO See! Ugh.. Missed ya! Seriously..
please forgive...but in all the places that darn tree could fall!lol!
I hope your ladies are okay... not too stressed... oH Yeah..your gentlemen too..'s nice to visit!
Hope you and your whole 'brood' have a wonderful week.