Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Trip to Johnny's

Yesterday was a warm soup/stew kind of day....rainy and cool. The kind that makes you crave the comfort of a good steamy bowl lunch, and I was in the mood for brunswick stew. Now once I cooked up my own batch of home-made brunswick and it was quite tasty, but it took me all day to make and I did not have that kind of time, so I hopped in the car and headed to a local favorite.....

The sign really does say it all. On any given day, except Sunday and Monday, you can find people from all over town here during lunch time. They come in their suits and ties, heels and skirts, uniforms, and jeans and boots....quite an ecclectic grouping. All there to enjoy the best BBQ around.

Out back in the smoke house is where all of the Magic happens.....

Yes, you eat it with a plastic spoon right out of a styrofoam container. It ain't fancy (nor is it environmentally friendly), but Lordy Mercy it is GOOD!! I couldn't finish it all, but I certainly gave it my best shot. I left feeling toasty warm and completely satisfied. YUMMMMMY!

On a completely different note~

Miss Sadie got her stitches out. Except for a large scar and the patch of shaved fur, she is looking like her old self again and this morning as I was scratching behind her ears, she was happily trying to catch my hand and nip at my fingers, up to her usual feisty tricks, so she must be feeling much:-) Thanks to all who stopped in to wish her well!

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Joy said...

What a cute little kitty! We have an all black cat and we actually wanted a black and white one when we went to the adoption center but there were none available.