Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bailout Complete

It's 4 something in the morning and the rains have finally stopped. I can turn off the shop vac and close my eyes for an hour or so before it is time to get up and get going again.

But, boy, oh boy when I get back from taking my son to school, I am going to find this little kitty and snuggle up for a long winter's nap.

Quiche recipe tomorrow .... yawn ....for sure.... YAWWWNNN .... I promise.

Wishing you all pleasant dreams and dry feet~Rhonda


Lynda said...

Oh my, sounds like you have been busy with all that water ! I would say that you definitely deserve a good nap, cuddled up with your adorable cat - even better !

bj said...

ok, girlfriend, i am having guests over soon for dinner and i am wanting to do your quiche AND your salad...but, i gotta have that q. recipe first...ah, well, you still have a few days before my dinner...go ahead...sleep all you want...;O)

Liane said...

Oh - what a task! Been there, my friend! Take some ibuprofren and get a good night's sleep. . . . .

Pony Girl said...

What a darling blog! ;)
We too have been getting a lot of rain here ..flooding everywhere. My place (a basement apartment, no less!) flooded once a few years ago and it was a nightmare! I go into post-traumatic stress disorder mode every time we get heavy rains now. So far, I'm dry.
Enjoy your kitty nap!!