Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter's Dream

While we have had a great deal of fun in the snow....
Some of us more than others:-)

It's that time of year when I start wishing for warmth and the opportunity to dig in the dirt~
But with many more winter days still to come, I will have to console myself with reading and dreaming about this year's garden.

Of course when Mother Nature throws us a few teaser days, like today... 60's and sunshine, that just happen to coincide with my off days, I'll be running out the door as soon as the first rays hit the sky.
Hope your Monday is Sunny~Rhonda


Vee said...

Sixties? Oh you lucky gal! Love seeing the joy in that expression of your little down hiller there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,
Wasn't today wonderful and warm!?.I worked outside in the raised beds wishing it was time to plant something..anything.

Enjoyed your snow pictures. We didn't get any down here.
Have a great day.

Billie said...

Hi Rhonda...wasn't it just glorious today. We saved everything possible from the old farmhouse...including the stone foundation. So, I worked outside in the blissful sun organizing (yes, organizing) piles and piles of rocks. I loved every minute of it :) I hope tomorrow is just as wonderful and that you get to play in the dirt.

Meggie said...

I think we have a bit more winter to deal with before spring enters in. However, Phil the Groundhog will tell us for sure.