Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Flying By the Seat of My Pants

Today, I am sending out a big "Thank You!" to everyone for stopping by and offering support on the recent calamities and changes going on around here. Things are settling back into normal and predictable patterns, which I find very comforting. In a way this surprises me, I have always considered myself a "fly by the seat of my pants" type ....hmmm maybe my age is starting to show:) Anyway, I really appreciate you taking the time to offer encouragement, I'll keep you updated on the job search, right now it is a waiting game~sort of like fishing.....cast out your line, then take a nap on the bank until you get a bite.

I wanted to show you my latest project~I made an Indian Teepee for my son for Christmas.

Talk about "flying by the seat of my pants." I decided just a few days before Christmas that I was going to make it. I have had the material and pattern for awhile but waited to the last minute to proclaim that it must be made for Christmas ( I should have mentioned Chronic Procrastinator on my Random/Weird Facts list).

So, I enlisted the help of my dear sweet Father-in-Law...he cut and drilled holes in the six, seven-foot long PVC pipes, and I stayed glued to the sewing machine for 3 days.

On Christmas morning, all of his Santa Claus gifts were waiting for him inside the Teepee.

It is currently set-up in the living room, filling the spot left vacant by the Christmas tree. He does not refer to it as a Teepee. It is the "Spy Hide-Out" and is outfitted with all of his Spy Gear, and because he loves the movie National Treasure and has seen it at least a dozen times, he has taken to calling me Ben and I am to refer to him as Riley (the two main characters). In all of my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined myself in the role play of crafty treasure hunter. Everyday here, really is an adventure:)


Mary said...

Isn't it funny how such a simple toy can open up a world of imagination! Have you seen the National Treasure sequel yet? Great job, Rhonda!

Bax said...

What a clever gift! I would never have thought of it...and wish I had when my son was small!! It looks and sounds as if he is thrilled and will have many happy memories!


Peggy said...

What a perfect gift! My grandkids would dearly love you. I am not much of a sewer since my daughters have grown up.

BittersweetPunkin said... did a great job Rhonda!! I need an extra bedroom...maybe I can make one of those too!! LOL

Your wee one is so cute!

Sandra said...

Wow that is so neat, my kids would have loved that :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Cool! I'm sure he will enjoy many pow-wows in his new teepee. My kids had one too, and they loved it.

P.S. Fun random-things list too.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

What a cool mom you are! I love the Spy Hide Out! I miss those fun days of playful imagination. Now I am a human ATM machine instead :P


Counting Your Blessings said...

I think my last comment got cut off but that's ok. Thank you for the award. I'm going to have to make sure that I've being smart in the posts now =) Your teepee is amazing. I've never made one before but the kids would love it! Blessings... Polly

Flea Market Queen said...

Aw...a boys dream come true!
Love it...

Hope said...

Hi Rhonda,

What a cool teepee, I mean Spy Hideout!:) Fancy too! When I was young I would put two of our old ladderback chairs about 3 or 4 feet apart then drape a quilt over them to make my own little hideout. I loved doing that. What is it about little hidey-holes that makes children so happy?

I'm glad to hear that everything is getting back to normal with you. And yes, age does play a big part in what your "comfort level" is. :)

Love and Hugs,

Kirstin said...

Way Cute Teepee! Too bad I have girls and they wouldn't want one. I had to catch up on your past blogs...I'm way behind on my reading. I'm praying your week goes much better than it has! And praying that the perfect job opens up to you.

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Rhonda, that is amazing! I bet he just loves it. Did he see the newest National Treasure?

I missed your post on the job hunt, but just wanted to wish you the best! Maybe you can get a job in the same school that your son goes to!!

Betty Jo said...

What an awesome teepee. I'm sure your son just loves it. Was going to say I followed your link from so and so, but for the life of me, I can't remember where I was last!! LOL

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Rhonda! Sweetie this post had me grinning from ear to ear because it brought back so many happy memories of when my daughter was that age. Oh the fun tea parties that happened in her girly-cubby-tent! More than once my sweet patient dh would be pulled away from watching sports and dragged into the tent for a tea party, only to emerge a long time later having been made over, lipstick, nail polish and all, by our mini beautician/tea party host! LOL You did such a wonderful job on your son's!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Esther Sunday said...

How precious! Your son will remember his hide-out for the rest of his life! Good luck on the job hunt to - you are such a wonderful person, I imagine you will be snatched up in no time! Love, Esther

Anonymous said...

So cute.. I bet he loves it. We used to take chairs and put moms blankets over them to make a tent.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Isn't he sweet! My little guy loves that movie and so do I. Maybe we need a teepee too.

Linda said...

Hi Rhonda, love the Teepee~~~Spy Hide-Out! Isn't imagination a wonderful gift? You are one neat mom. Wishing Riley and Ben many cool adventures.
Rhonda, I visited Susan's blog and what an amazing collection she has. I loved all her rocks and reading many of her stories. Thank you for the link. Linda

Terri said...

Dear Ben,
Love the teepee! I did that one summer on the farm for my brood. Your blog brought back alot of happy memories of that time.

Meggie said...

Oh what fun! He is so lucky to have a partner in crime like his talented Mom. Love the finished product!

BellaColle said...'re a clever Mom!
The best I've ever come up with is quilt throw over chairs!!
Very sweet.
You certainly deserve those awards.

Tiff said...

Just found your blog and love your teepee! I made my youngest boys one for Christmas too, part of the whole "not buying China toys" and going for an Old fashioned Christmas thing.