Wednesday, January 5, 2011


List~er:  someone who makes lists; usually for organizational purposes.

OK, so I know Lister is not really a word, but it describes me perfectly.  I do not go to the grocery store without one... if I do, I come home with 20 things I don't need and I forget at least a handful of things I really should have gotten. 

About a week before I leave on vacation I start a list that goes like this:  half the page is titled Things To Do and the other side says Things To Take.  This helps insure that I don't get where I am going just to discover that I have forgotten my camera.  Or, I am three and half hours from home in 15 inches of snow and suddenly realize that I neglected to plug up the heat lamps for the animals.

Lists are like my sanity check and motivational coach all rolled up in one.  They help me keep my mind free from a million different should's and have to's so that I don't drive myself crazy trying to remember something I think I might be forgetting, and they remind me that I have things to get done.

So this year, instead of Resolutions... I am making a list.  Concrete, tangible items that I can check off as accomplished.  None of this ethereal, elusive "I will eat better and exercise more"  business.  No, my list reads... "Fast food,  once a week or less.  Anna Belle' and I will walk/hike 3 times a week."  This way, I either do it or I don't.  No fuzzy grey areas. 

And, when December 2011 rolls around and I start to have that unsettling feeling that another year is fading into the sunset and I have little to show for it, I can say ~ " Wait a minute, not so fast... I have a list!!!"

How about you?  Resolutions, lists or do you just fly by the seat of your pants and let come what may:-)

Either way, enjoy and make the most of the New Year.  Before we know it (the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise) we will be ringing in 2012. ~Rhonda


Anonymous said...

I'm a List-er, too. Love my lists! Problem is I often forget the list to take to the supermarket and end up writing a list of things to do which includes, "don't forget the supermarket list" LOL

CJ xx

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am a lister fact I created a to-do list on my side bar of my blog for things I want to accomplish this year around the house. I will check them off when done, and probably add to it all year. Happy New Year!

Vee said...

Specificity is always a great idea. I like your commitment to fast food no more than once a week. That's specific!

Liane said...

I am an absolute grocery-lister. If it's not on the list, it doesn't come home from the store...remembering to put items on the list, however, is a problem.
I like your method for the new year. I hate making resolutions, especially ones relating to health and fitness. This year I haven't made any resolutions, but have made a conscious effort to be a healthier person and have implemented the changes first, rather than thinking of changes to make and then hoping I will follow my plans (if that makes any sense!).
Have a blessed day!

BittersweetPunkin said...

I am a list-er too :)

My resolutions are to can my own foods and to be a bit more organized.