Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Hoopla

Brenda and Kathy have tagged me to play the Christmas "hoopla" game.
Here is how to play:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.

2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word. I suppose that refers to the 'M'eme list.

3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed...then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people you tag is really up to you -- but the more, the merrier to get this 'hoopla' circulating through the blogosphere.

4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible.

So here we go:

1) My favorite Christmas show is Charlie Brown's Christmas....hmmm or maybe Rudolph, oh, and I can't forget about How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Frosty, I love Frosty.....OK, well, I really like them all:)

2) I have seen It's a Wonderful Life dozens of times and I still cry when George finds Zuzu's petals in his pocket. It is such a beautiful movie....I highly recommend it Penny;)

3) I absolutely despise the song Christmas Shoes~ I know that you must think that I have a heart the size of the Grinch, but after I cried over the lyrics a hundred times, I am through!!! I won't even listen to it now...I have donated enough tears!

4) My favorite Christmas Hymn is "O Holy Night," A man in my hometown church, Roy Miller, would sing it every Christmas. He would literally make the windows vibrate with his beautifully, deep, rich voice. I would love to be able to sing it, but I can't. Every time I try, I get choked up and can't finish.

5) When I see a Christmas tree all lit-up and glowing, I still feel like a child and I am in complete awe. I hope to create the same kind of wonder for my son.

6)I am a live tree girl. I love how they make the whole house smell fresh and woodsy...and who knows, you might just get the thrill of finding a bird's nest hidden inside:)

7)One of my favorite Christmas presents was a tape recorder. When I got it, my younger sister was a baby , I recorded everything she those tapes are some of my Mama's most treasured possessions.

8)The first year my husband and I were married, his Mimi gave us a box of gorgeous handmade ornaments. I was completely overwhelmed with the beauty and detail of each little piece. The fact that she took so much time to create them just for us makes them a priceless treasure.
9)Our church singles group used to load up and go Caroling each year. We would go around to the houses of our homebound members and was always the highlight of the season for me and I miss it now.

10)Living in Georgia, I have not seen very many White Christmases. The few I have had were pure magic.

11)I consider cinnamon the official smell of Christmas.

12)I love to attend Christmas Eve services. My favorite is the silent services I have attended with only music and candle light. There is such an air of if I am right there in Bethlehem, awaiting the birth of our Savior.
And now I would like to invite Hope at Second Time Around , Queen Meg at Meggie's Stuff, Jan at The Life and Times of Li'l Ole Me and BJ at Sweet Nothings to play.


Nunnie's Attic said...

I loved all of your answers. And I could probably use 3/4 of them for my own.

Sorry I haven't been around lately. My computer is PMS'g.


bj said...

Ha, ha....I love this and thanks for thinking of me. I loved reading all your answers....I will work on mine today and try to post tomorrow.
What a busy day this will be...trying like crazy to see as many Christmas homes as I can squeeze into the day.. We are bound to get some new ideas, recipes and thoughts....
hugs, bj

cityfarmer said...

I've just added you to my favorites bar, I hope that is ok with you....

I tried the little message media once but cannot figure out how to get it to my sidebar...would you share?

chat soon

Linda said...

Thank you for sharing all the sweet Christmas Hoopla. We have several things in common, and I enjoyed reading what makes Chriatmas magical for you. Linda

Meggie said...

Thanks, Rhonda, I'll be happy to play along. Will post today or tomorrow at the latest.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...


Loved reading your answers :) I don't know that I've ever heard the Christmas shoes I have to hear it. LOL


Bax said...

Loved reading all your answers!! Plus thanks for tagging me! I've never been tagged for anything before! I'm gonna have to think about this one! : )


Back Through Time said...

It was so much fun reading all your answers! I think some of those answers could have been mine too!
Have a wonderful day!!

Mary said...

Hi Rhonda, Loved reading your answers -- O Holy Night is my favorite, too.

Have a blessed holiday!

Hope said...

Hi Rhonda,
Thanks for thinking of me and inviting me for my first tag game. It was harder than it looks but I had a great time doing it, along with some nostalgic tears!!
I enjoyed reading your answers. These things tell a lot about people, don't they? ;)

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Rhonda!
Loved your 12 Hoopla's! How sweet that your mom still has those tapes! I am going to see It's a Wonderful Life, all the way through...I know the whole story. I have seen so many different scenes. Just not all at once :)

Counting Your Blessings said...

I think that's one of the sweetest things I've read today! ...recording your baby sister! You've been something special all along, haven't you?! Blessings...Polly

BellaColle said...

OH my gosh girl!! I have to ditto a few things on your list!!
One for instance is the Christmas shoes song! aggh... #3 son sang that in a Christmas play at church once! I just couldn't control myself..crying the rest of the play..Oh yeah and being from GA!!=)
We did have a white-ish Christmas when #2 was born... his birthday is today... the list1!

BittersweetPunkin said...

How sweet Rhonda...I enjoyed reading your post...

Michelle said...


I really enjoyed reading and getting to know you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks,Loved learning more about you.

Kathleen Grace said...

Thanks for playing Rhonda, It is a fun way to get to know you a little bit better:>)

bj said...

I did my MEME so stop by and read it, friend girl.