Friday, March 13, 2009

Mission Completion ~ Mostly

Ta-Da! We have had a very busy and very productive week here at the FarmHouse. We have tackled bunches of projects on the ever expanding ToDo list. Since we were blessed all week with almost summer like weather, we were outside working until dark.
The biggest and most time consuming project was fixing the Chick Condo. My little biddies that I got from Pam a few weeks ago were rapidly outgrowing their small brooder box and needed to be moved to larger accommodations.

You might remember when the Chick Condo, courtesy of the 30 foot white pine, looked like this~
Well here it is, fully restored and open for business!

I have put this project off as long as I possibly could because I despise any type of job that has to do with manipulating Chicken Wire . That stuff is of the devil, I tell you. Just when you think you have it under control, it rolls up on you and attacks you with its prickly, scratchy cut ends...UGH!! My arms look like I have been in a cat fight. So I am ever so grateful to have that finished.

The Biddies like their new home. There is lots more room to move around.

They even get to go outside during the warm part of the day.

These guys are checking out the temperature for me. "Make sure it is nice and cozy Mom. OK?"
There was also a considerable about of activity in the garden. The lettuce was planted....
Last year I started with some plants I got and the Feed and Seed,
then I planted my spinach and lettuce seed all around them. That arrangement worked out well for me so that is what I did again this year.

The next raised bed I planted one side with onions, red and yellow....

and the other side with Carrots. The Dragon carrot is a purple carrot and is supposed to be super sweet:-)
I had also intended to replant my peas because I had not seen hide nor hair of them since I planted them in early February. But just as I was about to re-rake the plot, low and behold.....

tiny little pea shoots were popping out of the ground. Upon closer inspection, it appears that the tops of the shoots were suspiciously snipped off. Possibly the work of hungry marauding chickens. This prompted me to fix the gap in the garden fence. Rest well my little peas, you should be safe now.

The green house is still a work in progress. At least the frame did get moved to it's new location, and I have my best construction guy on the case. Look at him, commuting to work on his bicycle....

just like his Dad:-)

After all of this, I am ready for the rainy weekend that is being predicted. I might get to sit down a few minutes and work on those knitting squares I am intending to make.~Rhonda


Anonymous said...

Wow I wish I had a chicken condo. I want some so bad,but have no where to put them. I would have to start from scratch( no punt intended hehe)
My hubby doesn't want them so he want help =(

Vee said...

Sounds as if you could use a quiet rainy day to recoup. You poor thing...couldn't help ticking the chicken wire off, eh?

You've done a wonderful job. Everything looks neat and tidy and ready for another growing season. The little biddies are at such a cute stage.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Everything looks so NICE! I love it! Thanks for your spring-y photos and sharing your chickens and your little guy with us! Have a wonderful weekend!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Good job on the chicken coop! Chicken wire is hard to work with! I'm redoing my raised beds - making them narrower. So I only have two planted so far. I'm in Georgia too btw!


Anonymous said...

I love your chicken condo! The biddies are really growing. Can you tell how many hens there are going to be, yet?
Wasn't the weather just wonderful this last week?
I know what you mean about that wicked chicken wire. My arms was scratched up last week from working with some of it too.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Anne Marie said...

Warm here today too-
and the farm chores have definately begun! You cracked me up with your chicken wire! (laughing with you- I know it all too well :)