Thursday, September 13, 2007

Here I Go!!

I have decided on my first project. I am going to start in my bathroom. It was remodeled about 6 years ago but it lacks an overall theme and personal touches that will make it lovely. So I am off to the building supply to buy the things I need to make a shade. I am very excited about the material I found!!! I will use it to make the shade and shower curtain. I also want to try and cover an old closet door with some of the fabric ( I am not certain about this yet). Does anyone know how to glue fabric to wood without causing it to discolor and ruin?


julia said...

It took "a village" (my son and a friend) to help me figure it out, but I finally have a picture and text on my header!!! As it turns out, all of the editing, cropping, and addition of text--was done on Adobe Phototshop. I had assumed all along that I could do everything on silly me.
P.S. Love the fabric!

Peggy said...

A easy way to put fabric on a wall or door without harming the wood and for easy removel is get a box of starch and put some in a pan of water, soak your material and then smooth onto the wood. Let it dry and it will be there till you take it down. You can also use the starch to put material on the outside of a tub. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love yours!