Saturday, September 29, 2007

A New Day, A New Perspective

Let me begin by apologizing for my rant yesterday. It was so horribly disappointing to going from the release of all the tensions and worry, to being back at square one. All I want is for him to be well, for his lungs to be clear of infection or "gook" or whatever it is. I reacted out of fear and for awhile I felt helpless and hopeless. I appreciate all of your wise and thoughtful comments. They helped me to calm down and gain some perspective. I am grateful for each of you who are praying for him...for us. I know that even though the doctors can not yet provide the answers we seek, God knows and he is holding my dear son in the palm of his hand.

I never react well to being out of control of situations. The Lord instructs us to lay our burdens at his feet. My weakness is that I always want to go back and pick them up again. I have faith that God will heal my son.

My prayers will focus on guidance and wisdom for the doctors who are caring for my son, as I have been so wisely advised to do. I will pray that God forgives my weakness, when I fail to recognize that he is in control. When I hold my worry and fear deep inside and refuse to yield it to him. I will follow the doctor's instructions, and I will pray without ceasing. I will not cave into the woe-is-me syndrome that so overtook me yesterday, and I will not lash out at those who are trying their best to help. Thank you for listening to me and for being there.

I will end on a very positive note. Today I was treated with the arrival of not one but two packages from recent give-aways I had entered:) What a perfect time for them to come. My beautiful Yellow Rose umbrella from Polly at Counting Your Blessings came in a big long box. I knew right away what it was and it gave me such a lift.

The postman also delivered a package from Ms. Peggy at Hidden Haven Homestead, inside was a tote filled to the brim with soaps, lotion, bath salts, and a lavender scented candle. She makes the most divine handmade Goat's Milk products from her own goats. I promptly rubbed on some lotion; it went on as smooth as silk and has a lovely fresh, clean smell. I can tell I will be visiting Ms. Peggy's shop on a regular basis!

Thank you ladies for your generosity! You just don't know how you have brightened my day:)


Nunnie's Attic said...

Well I'm so happy that you're feeling better and a little more in control of the situation. Once you hand it over to God a sense of peace comes over you and you begin to feel better. We'll all still be praying and this will pass!


p.s. the music is beautiful!

Kathleen Grace said...

We all melt down sooner or later, and nothing can make me panic like something happening to one of my kids! Glad you are feeling better and that you got such sweet pick-me-ups! God knows when you need a reminder of his love and those gifts could be timed just perfectly from him! Keeping your son in my prayers:>)
Love Kathy

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hey, meltdowns are perfectly acceptable when it comes to our babies. I would melt down too.

Praise God my son's lungs are clear and he is supposedly on the mend. He is on allergy medicine each night now to see if it will end his coughing. He is sounding much better.

I will pray the same for your son.


Counting Your Blessings said...

You have just said all the things that God wanted YOU to hear! Don't you find sometimes that even without intending to do so, God uses our blogs to confirm what He's telling us?! You can trust Him. He's faithful and He's already proven Himself to you. Rest in that. His plan is for good. If you have time go over to Praying peace for you and healing for your sweet boy... Polly

Esther Sunday said...

I hope the "meltdown" helped. How can you not reach real lows when our precious babies are involved? Glad you are feeling better and you got some adorable things in the mail! With love, Esther

Penny Carlson said...

Rhonda, We all react when a child is involved. There is nothing harder than turning over control when it comes to a little one...

I am so glad you received some wonderful gifts in the mail today...

P.S. Come by for garden instructions anytime, but really I only showed the "nice" roses :-)

Michelle E. ~ Vintage Pastiche' said...

Gosh I'm so sorry that you have had a sick little one :( Poor little guy. Like everyone else said, I think you are entitled to a meltdown when it comes to your kids, maybe even 2 or 3 ;) I will send healing thoughts and prayers that he heals up quickly.

I'm glad you got your beautiful umbrella and other package, certainly is a nice pick-me-up :)

Oh and I've TAGGED you! Check out my blog for details.


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Here here for a hardy meltdown! You are entitled and that you've grabbed back an excellent point of view on the matter is all the better. He's in the palm alright, and so are you dear friend. I'll join you in prayer for the wisdom in all the care provided to your sweet little one and the praise that he is healed.


Dana said...

I read your blog yesterday and wanted to leave a comment but was interupted. Just wanted to let you know that prayers our going out from my house too.
It's ok that we are weak because he is strong. He can Handle your meltdown.

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

I'm so glad you won the umbrella! It couldn't have arrived at a better moment-just what you needed to cheer you up a little bit!xx

Scrappy Moments said...

So happy you won that darling umbrella and other goodies. Sounds like it cheered you up.
When you put things in God's hands they always seem to go smoother.